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Glass Coating

Super hydrophobic glass coating


Every car owner dreams of having a neat and scratch free car even after years. But its probability is very rare as our car may be damaged in many ways with scratches, rust, oil stain, and bird dropping permutation and more other things which is not bearable. These all may be cleaned temporarily but will leave behind their marks which will give a muddled look to your car. As a solution we present you with a super hydrophobic ceramic coat glass coating in Pakistan.


It is a special type of glass coating which sets it apart from competing technology and some natural problem like acid rain. Acid rain, fog corrosion, rust are some of the problems which cannot be stopped but can be avoided by using latest technologies. For this you can use this  which acts as a ablators barrier over the surface of your car’s coat. It will protect your car from fading and sunlight erosion, giving it a shiny and new look. This product is durable for 2-3 years and will give a shiny look to your car as mirror. Moreover, it has heat resistance up to 760 degree.


It’s very easy to use with following steps; Wrap the cloth over coating sponge the put coat liquid on the cloth. After that spread the liquid on the car and use towel to wipe and polish sponge over the coated fabric. This liquid of glass coating price in Lahore is available at a very reasonable price that helps you to keep your vehicle neat and give a shiny look. The package includes one car liquid ceramic coat and one sponge. This product is available online on wishhub.pk in Pakistan. You can order it online on our website or visit us in our office situated in Lahore.


Mobile Signal Booster

2G,3G and 4G mobile Signal booster 2100 mhz Full Intelligent LCD display

Today mobile phones plays such a precious role in our lives that no one even think to live without this, from our  first to last breath of day we ensure us to keep our mobile phones  closer. Now it is our essential need to have good connection with each other. To fulfill this need it is very necessary to have strong signal connection. Normally it happens when we are traveling in hilly or in rural areas where due to week signals voices are interrupted mobile internet not working well and the biggest issue is dropped of calls. To avoid this entire scenario’s we present you a mobile signal booster In Pakistan to intensify the weaker signals.

This mobile signal booster for 2G, 3G and 4G is now available in Pakistan having latest and unique features with small LCD display which covers 350 meter square area with highest frequency. For mobile phone support it has capacity to boost signals and allow unlimited mobile phones to catch signals in defined area. Mobile signal booster price in Pakistan is very reasonable while having good quality. On the other hand in network support it allows only two networks at a time. The network coverage includes for 4G are Zong, Moblink and warid. Moreover for 2G network it includes zong, Moblink , warid, Ufhone and Telenor. The LCD shows the signal strength and provides guidance for installation.



People can buy it to get escape from natural and human obstruction by having this latest technology. It is very easy to install. The package includes signal repaiter that plays an important role for mobile phones to receive signals, an outdoor and indoor antennas, and cable wires for indoor and outdoor. For it implementation the LCD itself shows complete guidance.  The simplest method to purchase this latest at reasonable price by putting your  order at www.wishhub.pk. For further information you may ask your question on our website and receive response in few hours.